Controlling the lighting in a tight manner allows the fashionable upholstery of the chairs to become a key interest point.

After angling each chair towards the camera in an inclusive style, Frisch includes a decorative floral arrangement to accentuate the earth tones.

The cool, dark appearance of the table and curtains add to this image's vibrant quality.
A jovial moment is captured through the lens during a family breakfast. Personal relationships and interaction communicate easily with Frisch behind the camera.

A seat is open to include the viewer in the breakfast. One’s appetite could easily be sparked by what's on the breakfast table.
Inclusive, private, and rejuvenating retreats are appealing to anyone in need of a getaway. Beckoning softly through the frame of foliage is the luxurious Spa Botanica.

Notice that the plants are slightly out of focus, bringing the area of interest to the Spa in the background.
With skillets full of ingredients for custom breakfasts, this chef is waiting for those hungry hotel guests.

Keeping the background a touch out of focus, the vibrant skillets are what draw the eye. Radiating from this image is the high degree of hospitality this world class kitchen affords.
A soft, enveloping bath robe awaits the viewer with the promise of a peaceful sleep in the waiting bed. The robe seems to almost rise up out of the image foreground, because the background is set with a dreamy and gental haze.

Frisch’s methods give several possibilities to how an area’s depth is felt. Traditionally, the eye would be drawn towards the vanishing point. Here, however, we see the image comes up to meet the eye with a fresh perspective.
A shared experience is created here by manipulating the light so it almost closes around the spa client. Echoing how she very likely feels, this use of light blocks the outside world, making the soothing facial the only point of interest.

By including the viewer in a private service, one can easily imagine themselves enjoying a royal spa treatment.
A sprawling array of delicious items is displayed across the span of this buffet.

Choosing an angle that includes the variety of food in the buffet, Frisch also features the chef in the background.

Despite this area’s large layout, it does not appear overwhelming or cluttered due to a symbiotic relationship between the open space of the floor and the buffet.
This image illustrates a unique perspective in which the building is shot appearing smaller than the secondary light post. The patriotic banner helps to set the hotel firmly in its surroundings with a sense of community and place.

Restoring balance to an image that could appear too heavy on the right side are the branches that emerge from the top left corner of the photo. The result is a portrait of more than just a hotel.
Unlike shots that convey a focused depth to an area, this image is intentionally centered on the nearest table. The background is out of focus, but not so much that the viewer would not recognize the tables and place settings.

This method gently draws the eye to the foreground for a more intimate experience.
Few shots can include the sun in a fashion that keeps the light at an accent rather than the spotlight. Frisch uses this light to feature the Chateau in a distinctive manner.

The Chateau’s unique attributes are dually featured here. One can easily observe the luxury of the Chateau, the multi-functional Hall, and the relaxing Spa in one shot.
Nearly all sizes of professional meetings or committees can easily be accommodated by this massive conference room. Seeming to almost curve over the horizon line, this table is ready for business.

In addition to creating this curved effect, Frisch and his staff also carefully propped each item on the table for symmetry, order, and unity.
Exhibiting the broad scope that Frisch is capable of, this image of a surprised guardian of little frogs is humorous and buoyant.

The subject’s hand reaches toward the viewer in a magnified fashion. The secluded feel of the rock enclosure is supported by the use of shadow and highlight.
An up-close, detailed shot still effectively communicates the broader subject matter in this delicately shot photograph.

The reflective knives match the burnt orange text of the menu, and succeed in breaking the white expanse of the linen.

Additionally, the placement of the menu in the image ties the establishment’s name together with the fine dining tone that is set in the photograph.
Frisch always provides innovative ways to include the establishment’s identity with photography seamlessly.

This image exhibits a high amount of versatility. It would be suitable for various forms of print, such as brochures and magazines. Internet placement would also be advantageous for this effective image.
Appealing facilities must also serve functional purposes for guests who are traveling for business purposes.

Here, Frisch places guests in a manner that relates easily to business or leisure travelers. This lounge photograph displays the ability of the space to provide a comfortable area to read, work or relax.
Like the first vestiges of sleep, the faded, hazy glow of the edges of this image gives an ethereal quality to the scene.

By adjusting small, but significant details with-in the image Frisch is able to echo the tone of the situation. This couple’s massage is accurately depicted in the way faithful to the full experience.
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