Conveying the full character of a facility requires exterior photography that work as a complimentary counterpart to the interior images.

The unpredictable sunlight can prove to be a photographer’s greatest help or hindrance when shooting outdoors.

Seen here, the time of day Frisch chose to shoot this golf course is what made the image so asthetically appealing.
Just as people have a “best side” when being recorded; buildings have an angle that best sets off their grandeur.

Frisch recognizes the importance of highlighting this angle with the best possible light. Soft, cool morning light gives a calm and inviting appearance to a building. The end of the day brings with it a radiant glow that envelops the building for the viewer’s eye.
Movement and detail are two characteristics seldom seen together in one image. The right equipment paired with experience creates this effect.

Notice the subjects in the rollercoaster are crisp, while sense of motion is still effectively communicated.

Frisch balanced himself, the tripod, and the camera atop a ladder in order to attain the perfect shot for his client.
Lending much more than simple illumination, the dawn light casts this striking hotel in a remarkable glow.

By recognizing the interplay of light and form streaming against the side of the building, Frisch anticipates and adjusts to translate the effect into the image.

Despite the attention to the sun’s role here, the building’s full depth is not lost in the inspiring background.
The whimsical charm of a theme park is brought to life by Frisch’s stitching method. Taking several separate images and stitching them together to make one seamless photo is what enables the dual vanishing points in this image. The result is an encompassing, single creation that tells much of this theme park's story.
White-paned windows, an arched entryway, and a steep roof with chimneys give this Residence Inn a distinguished and stately air.

By framing within a foreground of hedges, plants, and trees, the building’s antebellum architecture is accentuated.

An important aspect of architectural photography is keeping the subject in harmony with its surroundings.
Placement of a structure is crucial when composing a photograph. Setting this hotel slightly to the left provides a unique view of the building.

The converging sides meet at a corner that interests the camera. Off to the right, the parking lot trimmed by trees provides a pleasant balance for this beautiful hotel.
Although the foreground in this image is cast in shadow, the focus of the photograph features an effect of illumination from the right side.

The similar hue of the sky and pavement create a natural border of the structure in a fashion that creates an even and pleasant tone.
Breathtakingly grand, much of the impact this image has is thanks to the capture of a perfect moment of light. A soft, almost sleepy glow is cast around the structure by the dawn's dramatic color.

Despite the related tones of this photograph, the building does not appear flat. Frisch displays a mastery of the skill needed to create a dramatic mood without losing the effect of sharpness or image quality.
Sparkling under the azure canopy of a perfectly cloudless sky, this inviting pool area certainly evokes thoughts of summertime fun.

Complimenting the vertical lines of the hotel are the horizontal shadows cast by the deck furniture and fencing.

Note that Frisch has waited until the sun had moved slightly behind the view of the camera, creating a crisp and brilliant effect.
While this stately hotel remains the central focus in this image, the surrounding elements in the area lend visual support.

The cross bridge and the gentle sweep of the canal are captured to highlight the hotel's unique setting.

Activity can be seen, but it does not inhibit the viewer’s eye from focusing on the hotel.
The lovely elegance of Chateau on the Lake is fully displayed in gentle light as it shimmers above the water feature in the foreground. A tranquil atmosphere is made possible by Frisch’s devoted attention to detail.

All lamplights are softly glowing, and paired with the colors of dusk, the Chateau’s French influence is evident. The emerald shrubs and trees lend a degree of natural luxury to the establishment.
Recognizing the importance of the Spa area, Frisch takes great care to accurately convey the peaceful retreat.

The evening provided a perfect opportunity to illuminate the Spa pool and waterfall so enticingly. By making the water semi-transparent with an aquamarine tone to it, the viewer is invited to take a dip.

Adding to the theme is the chandelier that can be seen peeking through the upper windows of the property.
This sprawling scene puts the viewer in the moment with 180 degrees of view similar to that of the human eye with good peripheral vision.

This image was created by stitching several separate, smaller images together. This is no simple task with still photography, it is even more difficult with moving subjects.
Two large structures are captured in this image, but, because of Frisch’s awareness of light, only one reads as the focal point. The hotel of interest is placed firmly in the light, while nearly every other object is cast in shadow.

Remaining concretely as a secondary building, the facility on the right receives none of the sunlight. By keeping the focus on the hotel in light, Frisch ensures that the viewer will not be confused when first observing the image.
By lowering the angle from which one might traditionally view a house, Frisch succeeds in creating an interesting viewpoint, while maintaining and even accentuating the effect of the structure’s size.

The beauty of the surrounding area is not lost, and provides an subtle foreground dressing.
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