By employing a variety of light sources, this registration desk is captured with a perfect balance of lighting. Capturing the light of the fluorescent, tungsten, and ambient daylight took patience and expertise.

Each lighting source required a different exposure due to the varying temperature of each type of bulb. The result is a photograph that truly echoes the architect intentions.
Capturing a full view of this room could only be achieved with today’s digital capabilities.

Using several different perspective control lenses, the room’s opulence is showcased while still maintaining a sense of its true proportion.

This shot also provides leads into different areas of the room, pulling the consumer into this superb space.
The quality of the pool area is a deciding factor in the minds of potential guests. But the elements of pool areas can be difficult to photograph.

Here, manipulation of glare, controlled use of soft light and well placed props combine into an image that entices the viewer to take a dip.
To communicate the towering height of this stunning atrium a single exposure would be ineffectual.

By encompassing six separate “F” stops of natural light and requiring 16 discreetly placed fill lights, this single shot becomes the product of six exposures stitched together.

The result is an image that is as much art as it is reality.
Multiple elements interplay in this exceptional image. The pairing of soft, white light alongside mellow vermillion tones communicates the inviting dining mood as conceived by the architect.

Adding to the beauty of the shot is the special care taken to ensure that all place settings and chairs are perfectly symmetrical.
This encompassing image leaves no question about the impressive size of this lounge.

Carefully stitching six different exposures together creates an impossibly wide angle and puts the viewer firmly in the setting.

To get the detail, highlights, and rich shadows that give this image such power, Frisch took three to four exposures for each of the six images that comprise the final composition.
Keen awareness of the role of soft lighting plays is crucial to convey the mood of a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Here, a multi-exposure layering technique was employed to effectively translate the many soft tones of the room.

Note the special emphasis placed on the capturing the glow of the candles.
A mastery of scene construction allows Frisch to transform this bathroom into an elegant and tempting personal retreat.

With the capacity to create numerous lighting configurations on location, Frisch is able to ensure that a desirable atmosphere radiates within every shot.

As a final touch, prop positioning balances the room and magnifies its impact for the camera.
Banquet Halls are a core aspect of many properties. Therefore, their relative size, comfortable atmosphere and technical capacity must be communicated to the prospective client.

Note the special attention given to exhibit the room’s even lighting that instills it with a sense of balance and world class professionalism.
Sunlight illuminates this space, bringing attention to the dramatic architectural feature that defines the room.

With lesser skill, the area may have appeared flat and the force of the architectural effect would have been lost. But Frisch includes the psychological and the physical impact of the space.

“Stitching” multiple exposures allows various “F-stops” within a single image; unachievable with a single exposure.
The ability to transform what would appear to be tiny space if shot with amateur equipment to a scene with a sense of inviting is what puts Frisch in front of other photographers.

A serious investment in photographic tools coupled with the knowledge to use them guarantees an image that will help your potential guests decide to make your hotel their home away from home.
Careful prop positioning and rich lighting express the subtle nuisances of this work room.

Although a room used for business, the atmosphere in this image is still warm, comfortable, and inviting.
A challenging assignment for any photographer is working with fluorescent light. Having a tone and “temperature” different than natural or incandescent light, fluorescent requires a practiced eye to ensure a positive image.

Fitness centers often have these types of bulbs, and Frisch easily captures a mood that is bright yet not stark.
One of the most important aspects in communicating the feel of a room is attending to the most minute details.

The angle of a chair, the fluff of a pillow, and the placement of a plant can make or break the entire shot.

Frisch personally ensures that each scene is meticulously constructed for the greatest visual impact before each snap of the camera's shutter.
An impressive restaurant area of a hotel is sometimes best shown using stitching methods.

This intriguing image has dual-vanishing points, inviting the eye to travel to the left as well as the right.

Stitching is a method of taking several separate shots and creating a unified image. Previously, this scene could not be captured within a wide-angle lens, but Frisch’s digital method and post production skill brings this space to life.
Soft, yet illuminating lighting adds the needed ambiance to an elegant, lodge-like restaurant and lounge.

Shot at an angle that allows the true depth of the space to be seen, Frisch also takes care to convey the welcoming atmosphere of the area.

Shoots will often take place with and then without subjects to provide more options during the post-production process.
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